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Sun is Life...
In the cold Sunless weather of London, I realised I've needed the Sun for vigorous life. That's why I took Sun into my brand name to output the lifestyle with the sun filled up in one's heart. My basic lifestyle, veganism, requires seasonal vegetables. The vegetables grow vigorously under the sun and becomes our vitality. I'd like to make the food you can feel the Sun and deliver it into your lifestyle. All vegetables I always live together needs sun to grow and I‘am thankful for all nature which create the food we eat. Like similar to Japanese ”ITADAKIMASU”simply means Thank you for the food.
I pedal, Sun rises to you...
Riding my bike is a big part of my life and I’m literally riding my bike everyday, even when it’s windy, raining and snowing. When I’m riding I can feel the seasons change around me, everything from changing colour of leaves, air and people. The changing seasons are very important to my cooking as I find much inspiration when riding through the passing seasons, all while using a lot of seasonal vegetables in my cooking. Hopefully my small food movement gets bigger and bigger as I pedal faster.
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